Google Helpouts Replacement – now that the service is shut down

You can still do your own privately recorded Hangout Sessions with Clients.

Using the free tools provided and a way to invoice (I use Paypal) it is still possible to do private training/consulting/coaching sessions using the power of Google Hangouts & Events… read below for more details.
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Google Helpouts Replacement
The Google Helpouts tool/system is scheduled to shut down on April 20, 2015. If you are a helpouts provider, you can run your own…

I created a way to do private online consultations using Hangouts and Hangouts on Air long before Helpouts ever existed …and it still works today.

My Hangout Mastery membership group has had access to this method for quite some time and you can too. I've got a 1 hr. training session showing you all the steps required and it includes other member's Q&A as well as their other ideas on what works for them.

Here is the link to get right to the training:

As a member, you gain access to the above and much more
Besides that training session there are many more you'll have instant access to as a member. Plus you'll be able to join into a wonderful private community of HOA professionals that exists to help each other keep up to date on various items all related to Hangouts and Hangouts on Air (HOA).

The membership is a month to month system which you can cancel at any time. Right now the investment is $47/month. Check out some testimonials from members here: or ask anyone you know about Hangout Mastery. Learn more at the home page via

You can do your own private training sessions using Private HOAs. The systems you relied on via Helpouts are going away so why not learn how to use what we already have from Google for free. BTW, I use Paypal to collect payment for my training sessions and that is also discussed in the training referenced above. The one thing that is missing is the 'directory' site where people come to find you.
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