Google Hangout Strategies for Entrepreneurs – the quick clip

Please watch this 2 min. clip from our recent HOA focused on Hangout and Hangout on Air (HOA) strategies for entrepreneurs.

In this short clip featured guest +Ande Lyons talks about the value and tension of being live in a broadcast and how it helps you connect with your customers and prospects in a unique way… one that builds trust quickly.

We also touch on the unique nature of this HOA tool and how it allows us to create True Interactive TV Broadcasts for little to no cost… an important factor for "Scrappy Entrepreneurs".

In this clip we are joined by +Michael Daniels helping us manage comments from our live viewers, and feature a comment on screen from +Jeff Sieh.

The see the full HOA show and others like it please visit my directory of helpful HOA Broadcasts here:

That website page gets updated frequently so come back and visit off and on when you want to see more.

Remember, a safe place to learn and practice among other HOA hosts is the membership site called Hangout Mastery which you can check out via

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