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Great job as usual +Mick Sharpeโ€‹ and to all those mentioned in your post. Enjoy the weekend everyone and don't forget the clocks change on Sunday (back 1 hour) for most of us in the US of A.

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Gregarious ghosts

Happy Halloween to all. It’s fantastic to see that the ghosts of Google+ are alive and well, creating spooktacular content and debating with vigour. So as the northern hemisphere nights draw in, put the tricks and treats aside, settle down with your favourite brew and take a look at the latest from the Googleverse.

It’s all about the cheese

This HOA almost passed me by had I not noticed this #timestamp post from +Vivekananda Baindoor Rao ( In Who Moved My Cheese – Google is Changing can YOU Adapt? ( +William Rock gathers some very experienced Plussers, +Ben Fisher, +David Amerland, +Joshua Berg, +David F Leopold and +Kellan Fluckiger to discuss change – something that is likely to occur multiple times in your working life. Kicking off with a scene-setting story from +Vivekananda Baindoor Rao the panellists continued with their own stories of change and how they adapted and moved forward. One thing you should take away from this is the need to be agile, to keep your finger in the wind and not get too comfortable with where you’re at. I’m off for some Stilton ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yes to the mosquito spray

An entertaining and useful 30 minutes from +Blogging Warfare as +Robert Ryan and +Thomas E. Hanna | invited +martin shervington to talk about Taking Google Plus for Business Global ( You can take a lot away from the way in which Martin develops and maintains relationships on Google+ and provides value through +Plus Your Life! and +Plus Your Business! particularly with the development of the Plus Your Business Academy. I have to say though that I often fall of the don’t post and run rule – why did I choose Friday lunchtime to post this roundup?

The man your man could smell like

Funny video ads are analysed in the Pandemic Code – Breaking Funny ( and given the subject, who better to join +Ammon Johns than +Amy Harrison and +Christopher Vogelmann. A very engaging conversation about Old Spice, Boddingtons (quick link here for non Brits: Boddingtons Advert), Dollar Shave and GE Lighting ads with Jeff Goldblum. One thing is certain that this type of entertainment marketing, done well, does make a difference to the bottom line. The trio then look at how the ideas behind these successful videos can be applied to your own business to set yourself apart from the crowd and really meeting the needs of your customer. [Helpful hint: get ready with the pause button if you are unfamiliar with the ads or better still go and watch them before you settle down to this.] YouTube search is your friend ๐Ÿ˜‰

We were treated to another epic parable from +Gina Fiedel this week. It’s Time For A Story – Trailblazing Your Brand Groove: An Unexpected Analogy ( is both about taking opportunity by the scruff of the neck and being consistent and persistent with your brand. Of course this is woven around a compelling narrative that really makes the point. Read and enjoy.

A back to back helping of the Digital Marketing Excellence Show from +Stone Temple Consulting this week. In Episode 48 The Master Formula to Grow Your Following on Any Social Network ( +Eric Enge was joined by +Rebekah Radice in spite of a few seasonal gremlins interrupting her connection. +Mark Traphagen jumped in later when the connection drops became more frequent. The show kicked off with a discussion of the two new networks, early adoption and other strategies then moved into the techniques that will bring about the most value from the time you spend being social. As ever the #DMEShow should always be on your radar.

The second sitting brought +Chris Brogan front and centre to let us know Why The Freaks Will Inherit the Earth ( Packed with common sense about finding your right customers, getting rid of can’t, empowering your employees and a raft of other choice morsels. This will be the best 21 minutes and 40 seconds you will spend this week!

Preparing the Pollsters

Last week’s Hangout TechTalk – Google+ Polls; how and why to use them ( is a lively, packed discussion with +Ronnie Bincer and +martin shervington getting down to the nitty gritty of Google’s latest addition to the Plus. As you would expect from these two this is as up to date as you’ll get and you also have the benefit of two design guides for your poll images from +Dustin W. Stout. Add this to your private store.

Improving your writing

There are some valuable lessons in A Crash Course In Headlines The One Skill That Will Boost Your Traffic Overnight from +Thomas E. Hanna | ( Borne out of the obvious frustration of seeing solid content hampered by unhelpful titles Thomas uses a real life example to demonstrate an ineffective title and how to rework the title to address the needs of the reader and draw them in to actually read the content. In this attention economy you have a really limited window of opportunity to get potential readers to look beyond the headline. As you’ve probably spent a fair bit of time crafting the content don’t you owe it to yourself to create a headline that does it justice? Take a look at how this developed in the comments with the author of the original article taking note of the advice. Good things happen on the Plus.

An evergreen piece from +David Amerland that will help all small businesses make some headway in the world of Semantic Search. In Easy Semantic Search Wins for the Small Business Owner ( David acknowledges the constraints faced by many small business owners (multiple roles, limited staff resource and shifting priorities) setting out ten points to check through or apply to your normal working. I’ve seen these kinds of small changes applied with great success. It’s really about working smart, something that every small business owner knows well.

Thinkers corner

I’m a firm believer in keeping your hand in as it would appear is +Colin Walker. His post Creativity ( explores the changes of direction that we all take as we grow. A shift in interests that puts your brain into gear for that particular activity and as such our adeptness in other areas often wanes. Priorities always change over time often with the end result being less time for hobbies and passions. I know I can’t afford the time to paint or draw as much as I would like but hopefully I manage allocate enough time to keep the wheels oiled. Is there anything that you have set aside with a certain amount of regret? Cheers once again Colin for getting me thinking.

And finally…

A blast from the past re-surfaced by +Denis Labelle in his #GooglePlusUserOfTheDay post yesterday ( We are, of course, talking about +Jeff Sieh’s fabulous 13 Ghosts of Google+ – a Google+ Halloween special featuring the wisdom of thirteen erudite Plussers. Perfectly appropriate for the day.

Have a great weekend wherever you are

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