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As +Kath Dawson has mentioned, this is an eBook to inspire you to utilize the power of Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air for your business.

It focuses less on the "How-To" aspects and draws you in via the Benefits (the "Why-To" aspect). Download it for free and see what you think! Kath & I would love to hear what your thoughts are via comments.
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[NEW] Free eBook: Hangouts – The Secret Weapon For Your Business

This is a labour of love that is designed to inspire you to embrace Google Hangouts as a way to engage new and existing audiences.

Download here:

This new 70-page eBook is packed full of over 50 different examples of how individuals, businesses and brands are using Hangouts in exciting and creative ways.

This is not a 'how to' book, its a 'why to' book so you can immediately appreciate how powerful hangouts can be.

Benefits this ebook will offer you:
Time saving: its a very quick & visual intro to what is possible with Hangouts
Inspiration: its awesome what some people are doing with hangouts, you'll be amazed
Competitive advantage: you'll be able to identify opportunities you can maximise to get ahead
New connections: I'd be stunned if you didn't find a new show you wanted to watch or new people to connect with.

Download here:

Be prepared to see some familiar faces and brands you love as well those you have never heard of, until now! Each example is outlined and linked to so you can see exactly what happened on the featured hangout or event.

Featured in the ebook are the following people, businesses and brands, each of which I would like to thank for producing such outstanding content for me to share with you:

+22Social +Adobe +Aimee Song +Alistair Croll +AS Roma +ASOS +Babette Pepaj +Barack Obama +martin shervington +Bobby Chinn +Cadbury +Chef Dennis Littley +Chelsea Football Club +Chiara Ferragni +Chris Hadfield +Christian Dior +Christine DeGraff +Clinique UK +Coca-Cola +Dalai Lama +Daria Musk +Darren Kennedy +Dell +DVF +Eric Enge +Eva Chen +FOX Sports +Glamour Magazine +GoDaddy +Guy Kawasaki +HP +HSN +Hulk Hogan +IGN +James Dearsley +Jason Derulo +Jim Chapman +Joe Apel +Joey Graceffa +Jourdan Dunn +L'Oréal Paris España +Laurie Laizure +Manchester United +Marcus Butler +Martha Stewart +Marvel Heroes 2015 +***** +Mashable +Mia Voss +Mr. Kate +My Music Hangout +NASA +Nestlé +Nicholas Kristof +Nike +O'Reilly +Pantene +Penguin Books UK +Raj Nijjer +Red Nose Day +Rene Lynch +Ronnie Bincer +Rosie Tapner +***** +Samsung Camera +Sarah Hill +SXSW +Taylor Guitars +Taylor Swift +The Digital Marketing Bureau +The Mia Connect +The New York Times +Tiffany & Co. +Topman +Topshop +TOYOTA +U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission +UglyFaceOfBeauty +Victoria's Secret +Warner Bros. Pictures +Washington Post +Zales

If there is a hangout that you enjoy that I have missed please let me know in the comments and I'll add it to the playlist I am curating in YouTube

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