Firefox Hello Video Chat – first looks as screenshots (Review)

The 1 on 1 video chat tool which was just re-released on Firefox promises to be 'easier to use' for one to one video chats than other online video tools since no login or account setup is required. These 11 annotated screenshots are from my first round of testing as a non-signed in user.

My initial announcement post is here:

The first 4 screen shots show what it is like to Start up a video call via the Firefox Browser. Then the next 4 images show what you see when you are Joining into a video call that someone else started (using Firefox or Chrome browsers). And the final 3 screenshots outline some of the things you see when Returning to the 'conversation' at a later time – what I am calling reusing the reserved URL of the video call.

I'm a fan of Google Hangouts as many know, but wanted to give this new video chat tool a test to see what it offers.

Kind of lean on functionality, but…
There are no extra tools (like screenshare – which I really missed), and it is only for 2 people at a time. But the fact you can share a link with someone and as long as they are using a WebRTC enabled browser (i.e. Chrome & Firefox), the invited party can join you in your Firefox initiated call is pretty nice.

For those of you wondering what this all looks like, I've made these visual notes for you to review. Read the annotations I've included to get more details.

My take:
Firefox Hello is not a replacement for Google's multi-person Hangout Video Call, not as useful for collaboration, and there is no broadcast-turn-into-a-video (Hangout on Air) function, plus the different interfaces you'll see depending on being the initiator or the invitee could be confusing… but it looks like a viable quick video chatting tool if people are using the proper browsers and just have not got their head around using Hangout Video Calls yet. I think it is a good start, and time will tell what other features get added in the future.

For most uses, I still like Hangouts better, and so can you if you learn how they work! For a step-by-step way to learn Hangouts…
And then when you're ready to take your Hangouts to the next level
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