Find comments from each person easily via +CircleCount magic

In case you've not noticed it … CircleCount has really been rolling out the updates lately to their Wonderful Chrome Extension.

This latest update v2.4.2 allows you to highlight comments left by certain people/pages that you select in the "Post Statistics" area when viewing a Google+ Post (as a stand alone page) or a Google+ Event. (Details in the animated GIF below)

Check the box next to the commenter's name and then look for the colored outline box that is drawn around their comments. This really helps you identify those that interact and easily see what they are saying.

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CircleCount Chrome Extension Update
v2.4.2: Highlight Persons in Comments

► (new) Highlight comments of any user directly on post and event pages.

Seeing who has commented on a post or an event leads to the wish to find easily these comments.
Update our chrome extension and this wish will come true 😉

Within the statistics box you will get next to each person a checkbox. Enabling this checkbox will highlight all comments by this person or page.
Check out the attached animation to see how this works on a post by +Mia Voss ( Thanks Mia 😉

We would also like to say thank you to +Connie Guevara +Robin Griggs Wood +Lara F +Marie Flutterby and +David Schiffman for their reviews on
This means a lot to us! Thank you!

Some links:
► Install the extension:
► Force the update: open chrome://extensions/, enable "Developer mode", click on "Update extensions"
► Check the options and/or donate: chrome-extension://gfehmiknpngmjkhiieampgfppicbncid/options.html
► Rate/review the extension:
► Share this post: you know which icon to use 😉

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