Fifty Four Friday Favorites… The Four Fs

For Fifty-Four Fridays, +Mick Sharpe has researched and scoured through many HOA shows and Thoughtful Posts to create his incredibly helpful summaries. This week's version is no exception.

If you can find time during the weekend, this summary will help you Focus on some great material. Thanks Mick for the hard work and the Fantastic Fifty Four Friday Favourites! (U for you)

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Naughty or Nice

Almost time to start the festivities but, as ever, Chronos will not be rushed. Still this is Google+ so there is more than plenty to keep us occupied in the meantime.

The +Blogging Warfare team are continuing to provide some excellent value for anyone looking to take their blogging further and in Building Blogger Communities ( +Robert Ryan, +Thomas E. Hanna | and +Carolyn Capern talk with the founder of FLBlogCon +Bess Auer about building relationships, identifying and meeting needs and coffee. Some valuable takeaways from this including looking beyond the numbers (followers) – Bess gives an example where making the connections in spite of the numbers has been very beneficial. A great thirty minutes as always.

Getting Personal

Two chances this week to hear some wise words from +Mark Traphagen and +David Amerland about the challenges brands face today making a real connection with their customers. It would be worthwhile reading through the articles that form the basis of these HOAs first (linked in the description of both events). So on to the HOAS. +SEOWiSE open proceedings with Keeping It Real: Social Branding on the Semantic Web ( Expertly hosted by +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales, quality production from +John Ellis and top comment wrangling from +Kristin Drysdale this was a very information-dense discussion that will be of benefit to anyone working with or representing brands. Trust, empathy and responsiveness are key for the visionary social brand. The hour will just fly by! +Ronnie Bincer hosts the second session as part of his #HangoutTechTalk series Keeping it Real… How Brands get Personal via Social Media ( reinforcing the EAT acronym (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) and looking at how HOAs can help humanise brands. Do review the comments in both events, some great expansion there as always.

+Marilyn Moore draws on the some aspects of the above mentioned HOAs in Why Empathy Is the Secret Sauce for Small Business ( Marilyn always manages to get down to the very essence of a topic and relay the information in the most clear and understandable way. Always right on the money, Small Business Owners (and indeed everyone else) should take the time to read this and absorb. It will shape your online activities for the better and help drive your business to success.

+Stephan Hovnanian found himself in the #TNTBootcamp hotseat this week sharing his favourite tools and techniques with hosts +Christine DeGraff and +Ronnie Bincer ( In the past year or so that I’ve been back on Google+ Stephan has always impressed with his passion, expertise and willingness to engage. Among the many valuable lessons is alignment with your customers, assessing whether or not the customer is the right fit for you. Finding the right customers is critical to actually enjoying what you do. Excellent advice as always from this series.

I’m always interested in the reaction of people to different stimuli and situations so I was really pleased to see Midweek Zap – Social Wrath ( +Zara Altair and +David Amerland discuss the ease with which we can misunderstand in the online world and the speed at which we can overreact. Of course most of the time is due to being unfamiliar with the commenter, their humour, their style and background. Top tip from Zara for when you’re enraged – walk away from the keyboard and do ten push-ups. If nothing else you’ll be in tip top shape! I have to say that I always value alternate points of view – they inform, reinforce or change your own standpoint. It is a brave new world out there so the next time you feel the heat and see red do take hold of your amygdala, step away and consider the situation from all angles before jumping in. A very interesting discussion.

The latest Twitter study from +Stone Temple Consulting drives episode 50 of the #DMEShow Twitter Engagement Unmasked: How to Get More Out of Twitter ( +Eric Enge discusses the findings ably assisted by +Rand Fishkin and +Neal Schaffer. Rand and Neal add some real life examples that expand on the study. One that I found particularly interesting was from Rand who found that his unfollow rate increased when he tested posting mainly images to his stream. Always good to refrain from going overboard with any one thing.

Buzzing business

And now a little self indulgence. Some may be aware that I’m an advocate for a more natural existence and so it will be no surprise that bees feature fairly highly on my list of interests (actually all insects are but that’s another story altogether). +James Dearsley (a man of many talents) hosts Bee Craft Live – The Hive and its products ( looking at all of things that can be produced from the efforts of our industrious friends. While the panel are from the UK I’m sure you’ll be able to track down local beekeepers in your area. For me I’ll be sampling some old and new honey beers during the coming festivities 😀

Thinkers corner

I’ve never grown out of that childhood inquisitive stage so The over-valuation of answers ( from +Ammon Johns really made me smile. Ammon outlines the power and value in a good question particularly when levelled at your own activities. Personally I get a great deal out of questioning – Why? and What if? are an essential part of solving problems. The iteration of questions and answers leading to an optimal solution.

Taking advantage of the new pinned post feature +todd l lebeauc gives us A Community: Is Only As Strong As Its Memory ( As only he can, Todd looks at the rich tapestry of posts, images and conversations that continually flow in Google+ imagined as postcards from a tourist destination. Todd also considers his reasons for being a willing tourist and invites you to consider your own.

It’s always the season for thought so here’s a third from +Colin Walker Falls in the woods ( Only Colin could take that old question of _Does a tree falling in the woods make a sound… _ and morph it into a thoughtful piece on bias, perceptions and prejudice. Well done that man!

And finally…

So you can enjoy the festive season without worrying too much about your WordPress blog or website +MaAnna Stephenson shared XSS plugin vulnerabilities ( giving you a heads up on the latest vulnerabilities to plugins and available updates. Take a look, fix what you need to then put your feet up for the holidays 😀

Have a great weekend wherever you are

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