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Are you miscasting your tip of the sword?

This is probably the most direct, specific, on topic question I've asked on the show.

That being said, I wanted to ask it because it represents unrealistic expectations and trying to make something what it's not.

Of course if you're going to talk about the coolest feature of Google+, you're going to do it with +Ronnie Bincer.

Normally Ronnie is helping us hangout, instead he's going to be questioning what you should get out of hanging out with friends.

Today we are going to go deep, rattle some cages and figure out if you're hanging out right.

Join me, +Joey Giangola for this new adventure.

You can learn more about +Ronnie Bincer for yourself at http://www.thehangouthelper.com/

Join The Hangout (No Seriously, For Real, Like on Camera)

We are going to try something "fearless" in the hangout world and bring on the person each week who asks the best fearless question in the event page.

If you want a chance to ask your question to Ronnie face to face, start submitting your questions now. Use the hashtag #CameraReady after your question so I know you're willing/able to come on the show and ask it.

If your question gets the most +1's we will invite you to join us in the hangout for the last few minutes.

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