Do you use Hangouts on Air as part of your Community Strategy?

Why would you want to use Community Centered HOAs?

Is your Google+ Public Community growing like you'd want it to be, or as engaged as you'd like? If not, utilizing Community Centered HOAs (CCHOAs) can make a big difference towards those goals.

When you utilize Community Centered Hangouts on Air you can:
► Increase the Size of your community
► Add value to your Brand
► Improve your community's Engagement
► Increase the Value of your community
► Help Focus the community
► Fully realize the Relationship Opportunities communities offer

Hangouts on Air (HOA) can add great value to the relationships we are fostering within Google Plus Communities. That value can be helpful to existing and new members of the community.

Live Discussion on Why CCHOAs are so Powerful
We'll be having a live video broadcast (HOA) discussing the use of CCHOAs within a community and why they seem to add so much momentum to a community on Tuesday April 28, 2015 @ 4pm EDT. Here's the link to sign up to view the free broadcast (either live or the recorded version)

Hope you can make it live and will add questions/comments for us to feature as part of the broadcast, but if you must miss the live event, you can always watch the free video replay on that same HOA Event page:

Add the Community Centered HOA concept to your Community!
Turn your Google+ Community into the thriving place it was meant to be by employing the techniques and concepts we'll be highlighting in this Scheduled HOA Event: RSVP there.
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