Time to Learn Google Hangouts! Back To School Special

You know that Hangouts on Air (HOA) let you broadcast your message via a live video stream, connect with people, build trust, improve visibility and a host of other benefits… right? But you also know that if the… Read More

Present Google Slides in a Hangout via Mobile

Google Slides for Android lets you present in a Hangout video call from your phone or tablet. Quoted from +Peggy K who is AWESOME!…You’ll also get a handy look at who's on the call before you start presenting…. Read More

5 Top Tips for Broadcasting Hangouts on Air (HOA)

Here are some of my top tips that make your HOAs work better for you. HOAs are live video broadcasts. I've seen people use HOA broadcasts to do many things. They can really help you spread your message,… Read More

Faster more up-to-date YouTube Viewcounts

Originally shared by +YouTube Creators We're saying goodbye to 301+ and hello to more up-to-date video views.  

30 Experts Share their No. 1 tip for Better Traffic and Engagement

This is a good one! You'll want to bookmark it to return and digest what is shared here. I'm honored to be one of the folks featured here by +James Reynolds from amongst his many podcast interviews. He… Read More

Changes on the way for Google+ and YouTube

The only thing constant is change! Here's a link to the Google Blog and to the YouTube Blog where these items are announced today plus I'll pull out some key quotes from the Blogs and posts about the… Read More

New Options for Facebook Videos

Looks like Facebook Page owners are getting much better options for the videos they upload directly to the platform. Many of these are things YouTube users are used to having i.e. "Secret Videos" sound a lot like "Unlisted"… Read More

Community Links Show Blue instead of Red 'g' for Google

If you use Google+ Communities you know that in the upper right area when you arrive there you will see the About this community information area… Many of us that run communities utilize that space to explain a… Read More

10 Days that help solve the Top 10 Social Media Problems

The beginning of these 10 sessions starts today July 24, 2015. The first event is titled "Marketing has changed. Here's what you need to know." Should be a very helpful series. Enjoy! Originally shared by +NOD3x "How To… Read More

Saw this on a T-Shirt yesterday and thought it was pretty funny

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