Screenshare and Hangouts or Hangouts on Air

The ability to show something that is on your computer to others is a great feature of Hangouts or HOA (Hangouts on Air).

Here is a quick lesson on how to use the screenshare function:
► 1. Choose the Screenshare app on the left side of the hangout interface (Green icon with the white curved arrow). That will open up the window of choices shown on the right.

► 2. Select the item in the popup window that you'd like to share.

► 3. Click on the "Start Screenshare" button and the chosen item (2) will then replace your video image until you press "stop screenshare" or select the Screenshare app icon (1) again.

Things have become a bit more interesting now that screensharing involves "presenting to everyone" at times, but the basics on how to start it up is what we've covered here. For a post on the 'Present to Everyone' function, check out:

Bonus Tip: Make the things you want to screenshare easy to find & present by having them their own movable window. Note the Yellow arrow in the image here… that points to the item I'll be sharing (2) that lives in its own window.

We cover lots of other important details re. screenshare and the present to everyone function inside the paid membership areas of Hangout Mastery… see what that is about by visiting – and try it out for a month to see how helpful it can be to have lots of other members willing to test Hangout stuff with you and learn together.
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