New Google Logo makes it into Hangouts on Air

New look and lack of the "+" or the Hangouts Logo

Google has been updating their logos all over the place, today is the first time I've seen it inside the Hangouts/HOA Interface.

Any thoughts?


Join Us – Power Packed Discussion on Live Video Broadcasting

Happy to be part of the filmstrip on this one. We'll be talking about the latest trends and methods for using Live Video as part of your marketing efforts.

This will be a HOA (Hangout On Air) via the event linked below. +Phil Aston +Sue Aston aka +Genius Loci will be hosting the discussion with +Chef Dennis Littley +martin shervington +Mark Traphagen and myself. Should be a good one!

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The Video Marketing edition. With the arrival of Blab everyone is going…er well Blab crazy!. But what about the other newbie, Periscope and of course Hangouts On Air…and more importantly what about your fans and followers.

Special Guests
+Chef Dennis Littley : Chef / Food Blogger / YouTube Host & Producer

+martin shervington : Speaker, Consultant, Author, Professional Coach, Marketing Psychologist.

+Ronnie Bincer : The Hangout Helper: Coach & Trainer for Hangouts of all types, Google+ tactics & strategy

+Mark Traphagen : Social Media Marketing | Content Marketing | Personal Brand Authority

+Phil Aston Digital Marketing for Tourism, Online Broadcasting and Media Producer

+Sue Aston Composer, Violinist, Writer and Artist

Just had lunch with THE +Ronnie Bincer in Colorado Springs!

Met up with +Wayne Meador on his cross-country bicycle ride. He stopped off in Colorado Springs. Follow his progress via and #ATrek4Change

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Just had lunch with THE +Ronnie Bincer in Colorado Springs!

Enjoyed finally getting to meet you and HIRL…I'm liking the "Springs" area. 🙂 Let me know if you're near here and would like to connect!

#ATrek4Change #Colorado #HIRL


Facebook Videos will have better copyright protection

Did you know that uploading a video to Facebook that you did not make/own is not legal? Apparently many video uploaders on FB didn't know that.

Soon FB videos will go through a more robust Content ID system similar to what YouTube has had in place for many years now. Read more about the details as well as get to the FB announcement via the linked +ReelSEO​ post below.

Facebook Content ID for Video is Coming, Addresses Freebooting
Freebooted videos on Facebook are a serious issue for many creators, but Facebook has now promised more robust rights management for licensed video content.

Join me and my very special guest +Ronnie Bincer on his very first Blab!!

Join me and +Chef Dennis Littley​ in my first Blab session

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Join me and my very special guest +Ronnie Bincer on his very first Blab!!

Blab is super easy to use and you can sign on with your twitter account or simply lurk and enjoy the show. With blab its also easy to join the broadcast and ask your questions directly or you can use the comment section if your camera shy.

Stop by my profile to see the upcoming shows and subscribe to each show to get notice when they go live or to be able to watch them in replay.
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Join the show

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Google+ Collections – a Handy Guide to Understanding Collections

Interest based collections can be a wonderful place to gather items that interest you and your clients, customers & friends.

+martin shervington and team have pulled together a slide deck here with lots of tips and answers to common questions regarding Collections. Check it out and bookmark it for later when you decide to dig into Collections further.
=== ===
#Collections #GooglePlusCollections #CollectionsTips

A Guide to Google+ Collections

New Startup Page for Hangouts (all types except Hangouts on Air)

Here's the latest from the Hangouts Team
That is the address to check it out. All kinds of Hangout goodness on a single page.

Many of us focus a lot on Hangouts on Air (HOA) – the broadcasting tool we love to use for live streaming information & entertainment but there is a lot of wonderful action via the Hangouts side of things. This stand-alone page/site offers a new focus (aka landing page) on "Communications".

Check out the page for yourself or browse through these images you'll see when you try it out later.
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Hangouts 4.0 for Android – updated hangouts app

Bug fixes… Yea! New look and more.

Many of the updates already came out for iOS, so now the Android crowd can play too! h/t: +Michael Daniels

More details in the linked blogpost:
#HangoutsApp #HangoutsUpdate #AndroidApps

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Hangouts 4.0 for Android is here!
Lots of improvements and new features, hope you like it.

Google Hangouts: now simpler, faster, more beautiful

New Focus for Google+… a history & prediction

This is a wonderful article if you want to read up on where G+ started, how it seems to be transitioning and predictions for its future.

+Mark Traphagen does a great job reminding us ole-timers and bringing newbees up to speed on how this platform is evolving. Thanks to +Marketing Land for publishing it.

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Will the New Google+ Focus Bring Success?
My latest for Marketing Land

In my latest +Marketing Land column I cover the history of Google+ and look at its three ghosts (couldn't resist): The Ghost of Google+ Past (the Gundotra Vision), The Ghost of Google+ Present (the year following Gundotra's departure), and The Ghost of Google+ Future (the recently announced changes under new head +Bradley Horowitz).

I give my take on why the recent changes have happened, add some speculation about what they might do with the new focus, and as always, give my opinion on what this means for marketers.