Applause & Showcase Apps are now ON by DEFAULT!

When you create a Scheduled HOA Event via the Hangouts page on Google+ you will now have to manually turn off the Showcase and the Applause apps if you want people to engage with your show via comments!

If you value live comments with your HOA events, the apps listed here will make that more difficult for your viewers. These 2 apps (plus the Q&A app) will cause the video player to expand and cover up the commenting area of your HOA Event.

If you know you want to use these apps, then you should be able to turn them on. But instead Google has decided to make you turn them off if you decide not to use them.

If you do not turn them off before you start the broadcast, there is no way to turn them off later for that HOA. Here is a post with a valuable tip on how to verify the apps are on or off as you hope before you start your broadcast:

I do have some good news to share re. this recent development… if you turn these apps off as the event owner (by clicking on their little icons at the bottom of the video player) before you start your broadcast, they now seem to stay off. In the not too distant past, each and every edit you made to your event would cause the Applause app to come back on again.

Please let Google know how you feel about this change by using the send feedback options on Google plus. The left-side dropdown menu has a feedback link near the very bottom or you can type the @ symbol in a grey space to send feedback.

Are you pleased by this change?
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