Social Media Marketing Industry Report (summary)

This post is a summary of +Social Media Examiner's 7th annual Industry Report re. Social Media Marketing. They surveyed 3,720 marketers, business owners & solopreneurs world-wide and did a great job at summarizing the info they gathered here…. Read More

Income for Baby Boomers (and others!) Using Hangouts

A little while ago I Chatted with +Ken Queen, host of the Income for Baby Boomers Podcast. He asked a lot of questions about my beginnings as an entrepreneur, and we covered many aspects of starting up a… Read More

Ideas and some How To Tips on Using Google+ Collections

Nice article that shows great visuals on how some businesses are utilizing Collections by +Kristi Hines … check it out! After the article published by +Social Media Examiner covers some strategic ideas on how to use Collections, it… Read More

Great to meet friends "In Person"

I've met & made many friends though the power of Google Hangouts… But it is a special thing when I get to meet them Live and In Person! Thanks for the visit +Susan Finch and great to meet… Read More

Interactive Textiles – a look to the future

Project Jacquard holds some interesting possibilities, check out the short video describing what it is and what we might see with its use. h/t: +Mark Traphagen for the reshare & +Joshua Berg for the post. Originally shared by… Read More

Join us for the 3rd Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference

This is a great way to hold a conference without the need for travel or other related expenses… we'll be using the power of Google Hangouts on Air to make it happen. +Chef Dennis Littley does a great… Read More