July 2015 Q&A Session on Hangouts (members only)

Just wanted to remind our Hangout Mastery members (summer time has lots of distractions) that our Q&A session for July is happening tomorrow… July 1, 2015. Link to the members only HOA Event: https://goo.gl/59MJyU .. We'll be covering… Read More

Great Series of Hangouts on Air Presentations

Check out the series of shows +Mike Allton‚Äč has pulled together for us. Check your calendar and watch live if you can but Mike will be providing links to the replay of each session as well as show… Read More

How Many Dogs do You See?

I was recently on a camping trip and took this shot while standing on some big rocks in the river. Just some fun for #FidoFriday  

New Gig for +Sarah Hill – a Visionary

Many of us met Sarah when she started using hangouts as part of her NBC live newscast… we were the 'peanut gallery' most of the time and chatted with her about the news and stuff during the commercial… Read More

Quite the Milestone for Hangouts

1 Billion and counting installations of the Hangouts App. Originally shared by +Amit Fulay 1 Billion …we still have a long way to go Google Hangouts Passes 1 Billion Installations On The Play StoreNot many Android apps can… Read More

YouTube Experiments with "Live Broadcasting Animations"

I'm making up the name, but for upcoming live broadcasts (like Hangouts on Air), you may see an animated symbol on the video player. Part of the animation is captured here. If you try out YouTube's Redesigned Player,… Read More

How Video Conferencing is working with Education

The use of 'synchronous video communications' has already made a big impact to the "Expanding Classroom". I've been a proponent of Hangouts and Hangouts on Air to help expand collaborative learning opportunities in all areas… but one of… Read More

The State & Future of Hangouts

This HOA broadcast is part of the 3rd Annual Virtual Blogger's Conference. We'll be LIVE in about 1 hour! +Chef Dennis Littley is running the conference and this new Production account +Ask Chef Dennis Productions is doing the… Read More

Hide or Show Hangout Filmstrip Internally – new hangout option

We have a new button to click inside our Hangout or HOA interface that will hide or show the filmstrip of thumbnails for the filmstrip member(s) who chooses to use the option. It appears that the new option… Read More

Desktop Hangout Messaging gets "Stickers"

The mobile app for Hangouts has had stickers along with emoticons for a while, but I just noticed that the Desktop version also now includes stickers. Stickers are larger more graphically rich images that can be added to… Read More