Great Summary of this week's activities

As usual, +Mick Sharpe​ provides us with wonderful summaries and links to HOA activity and more._ You should check out his posts like this every Friday 😉 Originally shared by +Mick Sharpe No stones on the pond Well… Read More

Make the Decision When it Needs to be Made

Words of wisdom from +Eric Enge! Making decisions can be difficult, but making them at the right time is even more challenging yet far more useful. h/t: +Mark Traphagen for the share Originally shared by +Stone Temple Consulting… Read More

How to Stand Out in a New Age of Marketing

This podcast and Article have a lot of ideas worth checking out if you do Marketing of any kind. Great examples referenced in the article text. Here's a quote pulled from the article:“We are classically trained as marketing… Read More

WordPress Plugin Social Warfare featured on #TNTBootcamp !

Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin that enables you to have beautifully responsive, lightening fast share buttons for your WordPress site – but it's what's behind the scenes that gives Social Warfare its real power – and that… Read More

Google Drive & a Google+ Community – great combo

If you use the tools Google offers us, you can more easily manage work with a VA (Virtual Assistant). Not only can you keep track of interactions with your VA in one place (your private community), you can… Read More

No More Circle Shares on Google+

I can understand that with all the 'share this circle and I'll include you in the next one' spammy activity something needed to change. I've been using shared circles for quite some time to help manage important lists… Read More

A Guide to Google Plus Collections

This is a handy guide to using Google+ Collections with step by step screen shots throughout. +martin shervington made this for us. He also hosted a 30 minute Hangout on Air discussion today about using Collections. These… Read More

Live Video Streaming Ideas for Business

The folks at +Social Media Examiner have posted 6 Ways/Ideas on how businesses can take advantage of live video streaming. The focus of the article is on why live video helps you connect with your audience, and they… Read More

How to Use Google Plus Collections – text tutorial

Even though Collections were just launched today, some people have been quite busy documenting how to use them and make them. This one looks pretty good from what I can see. Hope it helps… thanks +Kol Tregaskes ===… Read More

Google Hangouts Help Collection

Just getting started with Google+ Collections. Here is one I pulled together that contains some helpful posts related to Google Hangouts Help postings. Collections makes it possible for me to gather similar posts (mine and from other people)… Read More