Free Hangouts eBook

As +Kath Dawson has mentioned, this is an eBook to inspire you to utilize the power of Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air for your business. It focuses less on the "How-To" aspects and draws you in via… Read More

Using YouTube Cards to Promote Your Business

This main article discusses 5 ways that you can utilize YouTube Cards to send traffic to your website. There are other "types" of Cards that do other things (like linking to another video or a playlist of videos),… Read More

Sending a Private Post on Google+

Here is a basic how-to article on sending private messages to 1 or more people. "Private" means only those to whom the post is addressed get to see it. Thanks +Dustin W. Stout for pulling this together and… Read More

Do you use Hangouts on Air as part of your Community Strategy?

Why would you want to use Community Centered HOAs? Is your Google+ Public Community growing like you'd want it to be, or as engaged as you'd like? If not, utilizing Community Centered HOAs (CCHOAs) can make a big… Read More

Google Helpouts Replacement – now that the service is shut down

You can still do your own privately recorded Hangout Sessions with Clients. Using the free tools provided and a way to invoice (I use Paypal) it is still possible to do private training/consulting/coaching sessions using the power of… Read More

Being a Conversation Starter More Than a Conversationalist

Check out this short audio published by +Mark Traphagen on helping to spark conversations, and why it is important. Originally shared by +Mark Traphagen Be a Conversation Starter More Than a Conversationalist A secret that bartenders use to… Read More

Updated YouTube Creator Playbook

This is a fabulous guide to using YouTube well. Get to it directly via h/t: +Denis Labelle for the alert Originally shared by +Think with Google Want to learn how to create great content on +YouTube? Check… Read More

So we thought Spring Time was here!?

Well, this is Spring Time in the Rockies! Photo taken last night when it just started snowing in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA.  

Learn MoreAbout WordPress with #TNTBootcamp !

Should be a good HOA if you are interested in WordPress.For this show +Christine DeGraff and +Ben Fisher will be at the helm as I was supposed to be 30,000 feet in the air. My trip was postponed,… Read More

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Fake it 'till you make it? Practicing Power Poses for 2 minutes can change who you are says Social Scientist Amy Cuddy in this Inspiring 21 minute Ted Talk video. Paraphrased:We know that our Body Language changes what… Read More