A Tutorial on Twitter's Periscope Live Video Broadcasting Tool

Check out this handy guide on how to use Twitter's live video broadcasting tool Periscope. At this time, it is limited to iOS devices, but I expect Android should be available soon. +Ana Hoffman does a great job… Read More

Hangouts & Hangouts on Air – how they can help you online

This 45 min. podcast interview with +Kalynn Amadio published earlier in March is chock full of helpful ideas for using Hangouts and HOAs for your business. http://actlocalmarketing.com/google-hangouts-the-hangout-helper-ronnie-bincer/=== === #HOAtips #HangoutsOnAir #HangoutsTips 114: Google Hangouts with The Hangout Helper… Read More

Special Tool for Finding Google+ Events & HOA Events

Looks like some great stuff from +CircleCount came out while I was traveling so I've not dug into the details yet, but looks quite good at first glance. If you take a look at an event that has… Read More

Live Streaming with Periscope

Twitter's new live video streaming app says "Up Periscope!" today – at least for iOS.h/t: +Peggy K Originally shared by +Peggy K Twitter's Live Broadcasting app Periscope now available for iOS Now iOS users have two Twitter live… Read More

View of the bay from my hotel room getting ready for #SMMW15

Met up with +martin shervington​ & +Dustin W. Stout​ already… first time meeting them both in person even though we've known each other for years via the power of hangouts and Google plus.  

Tips for looking better in a Hangout Video Call or HOA

Some basics that many forget about, but really do matter when you are trying to make a good impression via Hangouts on Air (HOA) or Hangout Video Calls. ht: +Yifat Cohen for finding and sharing the infographic=== ===… Read More

Helpful Roundup of posts from the Plus Your Business community.

I too will be at Social Media Marketing World this coming week and hope to meet some of you there in person! Have a great week ahead! Originally shared by +Plus Your Business! ‘Plus Your Business’ Community –… Read More

YouTube Cards – a handy guide to making them work on your videos

YouTube recently rolled out Cards, which will eventually replace annotations so says YouTube… read up on how to make them work for your youtube videos. I've posted on how these work with Hangout on Air live broadcasts http://goo.gl/Alb7qs… Read More

Shining Shamrocks

Here is a great Gathering of HOAs… and other interesting posts to check out for your weekend learning time. Thanks to +Mick Sharpe for the massive effort to do this on a weekly basis. Originally shared by +Mick… Read More

Using Comment Tracker & the Lower Third Together

The Hangout Toolbox's Lower Third app is commonly used together with the stand-alone Comment Tracker app. Here's a tip for using them together well. The Comment Tracker adds great value to your HOA by allowing you to bring… Read More