Quick Reminder… This HOA Show Happens today!

Hope you can make it live, if not watch the replay We'll be discussing how Hangouts on Air (HOA) broadcasts make an impact, and when done properly are really valuable socially for the presenters AND the viewers. Join… Read More

Lighting for Making Good Videos – and Hangouts

Hangouts and Hangouts on Air (HOA) involve video. Good lighting makes for better video, so check this out… Great article on lighting brought to my attention by +Jeff Sieh who is a great guy to have help you… Read More

Photos on Your Phone & Google Plus

Great post by +Michael O'Reilly that covers a lot of info about your smart phone's photos and how they work with Google+. You might want to bookmark this after you read it. Lots of helpful info included.=== ===… Read More

List of Very Helpful posts and Resources related to Google+

I'm honored to have been recently added here to this large collection of helpful links… +Denis Labelle built up this list and continues to update it as time goes by. The new additions are in V. Hangouts –… Read More

Hangouts on Air Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid

This is part of the free training offered as part of the New Hangout Training site located at http://AllAboutHangouts.com – The site includes Free and Paid training to take you from Hangouts Basics to Total Hangout Confidence. Watch… Read More

TNTBootcamp show on the power of Hangouts as a Tool

We'll also be discussing some of the #Techniques used with Hangout on Air Broadcasts (HOAs).Hope you can make it . The HOA Broadcasting tool is rather awesome for communication. Anyone using it has their own TV Network for… Read More

The Ultimate Hangouts Training Product… Just released

We all know the power of Hangouts and Hangouts on Air. Nothing quite matches the ability these tools offer for building relationships and communicating our message. Now you can easily get the hangout training you need at a… Read More

No grillin' today… too much snow!

I am cooking up something great to post about in the morning… it relates to Hangouts and Training. Hope you like it! Today was very foggy outside which made driving in the wet snow even more challenging. Seems… Read More

Personal Brand Representative and Risks

Check out this article by +Mark Traphagen of +Stone Temple Consulting where he addresses some of the most common concerns of brands when considering a personal face for themselves online. Many larger brands struggle here, the smaller ones… Read More

There's always a lot going on – here's a summary to help keep up

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