Work on Google Drive or Google Docs while off-line

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‘Plus Your Business’ Community – Weekly Roundup!

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Hangout On Air via YouTube Live Events (not Google+)

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Are you miscasting your tip of the sword?

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Avoid Event Spam! – How to adjust Google Calendar settings

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How to Setup a New Account for Hangouts and Hangouts on Air

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Using Google Analytics Annotations

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Why you need to be an Expert

Since things have changed and it is easier to appear professional online, more and more people need to trust you in a deeper way before working with you. In days past, setting up a business took much more… Read More

Ups and Downs of the Entrepreneurial Adventure (Roller Coaster ride)

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Scheduled Hangout on Air Event – Quickstart Guide

An updated guide on How to Setup and Start a Hangout on Air via the Google+ Hangouts Menu. Scheduled HOA Event Best Practices. This webpage contains a video tutorial demonstrating Google's suggested method to start up a Hangout… Read More