Great Summary of some Google Plus (and Hangouts) Tips

I'll admit +Ray Hiltz has featured a lot of my material here in his weekly newsletter, but he does it in such a great way, I'm honored to share it! He takes my HOA Top 10 mistakes video… Read More

YouTube AutoPlay – coming to a screen near you!

As Facebook seems to really push how many video views they are causing with videos uploaded to FB (due to autoplay), YouTube has decided to play that same game. This post speaks to how Marketers can possibly make… Read More

Repurposing your HOA Broadcasts – Hangouts on Air tips

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What is a Hangout on Air Event – and why should I care?

We Hangout on Air (HOA) Hosts take advantage of HOA Events all the time. This 3 min. video helps explain why. The HOA Event is a great place for people to gather to watch a show. It is… Read More

Fearlessly Questioning Hanging Out

Starting the live broadcast in about 45 minutes.Hope to see some of you there! Press Play to watch. #ns #Hangouts #HangoutTips Originally shared by +Fearlessly Questioning Are you miscasting your tip of the sword? This is probably the… Read More

A Guide to Hangout On Air Event Notifications

When we attend or host a Hangout on Air (HOA) Event there are many ways and reasons we get notifications about that HOA Event… this article helps you understand them a bit more. The article also mentions that… Read More

10 Tips on Crafting Google Plus Posts

This is an indepth guide covering 10 aspects to crafting a good Google Plus post, both technical and social aspects are covered. Take the time to read through the 10 areas, and see if you use them all… Read More

The raw, difficult questions about Hangouts – and we're not talking about the technical ones. Fearlessly Questioning HOA

Details in the shared post below.#ns Originally shared by +Joey Giangola Do You Have Unrealistic Expectations? I bet you do for something and you probably don't know it. That's the underlying fearless question this week as I get… Read More

My nephew clearing some snow just south of Boston in Walpole Massachusetts. #ns

Use Twitter for your HOA video trailers

Apparently we will be able to upload video to our phones and then push that out into the Twitterverse. +Jeff Sieh has a great idea here about using Twitter to remind people or alert people to your HOA… Read More