Keeping it Real… Building Trust… Pushing Buttons

This article by +David Amerland dives deep into the 'What's going on now-a-days with Marketing' discussion. Here's a quote that resonated with me from the article:Trusting strangers with your fate, however, requires something more than just having a… Read More

32 tips for Marketing that never go out of style

These helpful marketing ideas and tips will get you thinking… they are short & sweet and oh so useful. I'd suggest you bookmark this article and come back to it often to refresh your memory of what resonates… Read More

Google+ Circle Management tips

I found this one on +LinkedIn posted by +martin shervington … good foundational tips on Managing your Google Circles.=== === #GooglePlusTips Google Circles Management Tips | Martin Shervington | LinkedIn

Make Visual Adjustments to your Google+ Custom URL

Did you know you can make minor adjustments to your Google+ Vanity URL (aka Custom URL)? I found this info when reading up on some new URL goodies we get from YouTube that tie into our Google+ Custom… Read More

Have a Custom URL for G+?… then You Have a new URL for YouTube

New options for Branding now that the connections between Google+ and YouTube have matured a bit more. More info can be found here: as a helpful post by +Peggy K… Bottom line is if you add a… Read More

Great roundup of helpful posts from last week

For many of us the past week was a bit different due to the Thursday holiday in the US of A called Thanksgiving… but there was still plenty of good stuff shared. #PYBmeansPlusYourBusiness Originally shared by +Plus Your… Read More

Google+ Reshared Posts and Notifications… update

+Mr. Jingles aka the Notifications Bell seems to have a new thing to offer us now-a-days… +Gerwin Sturm worded the update this way: Notifications for reshares of your posts now actually open the reshare instead of your own… Read More

Controlling the HOA Camera – what the Broadcast shows

Check out this short 2.5 minute video listing the various ways you, as a HOA Host, can control the HOA Camera… all built into the Hangout on Air (HOA) toolset without the use of any 3rd party tools…. Read More