Sharing documents from Google Drive with others (quick overview)

You can share your Drive stuff with others and they can view, comment or edit that shared file depending on how you share it with them. This 2.5 minute video shows you how.=== === #GoogleDrive #DriveTips #Drive

Mobile Hangouts App update

The Android version is first and the iOS update will come soon. Check out the post below for further details and the attached screenshots. Thanks to +Charlotte Pierce for directing me to this 'official post' on the rollout…. Read More

HOA – Hangouts on Air, won't work Tues 9-Dec for a short time

There is some scheduled YouTube Maintenance that will make HOA or other live stream broadcasts not work for a couple of hours soon. Here's the text I read on my YouTube Live Events area:YouTube live is planning maintenance… Read More

Join us for #TNTBootcamp Interview with +Stephan Hovnanian!

Let's find out what tools and techniques Stephan still uses to make the most of his time and effort online… Should be a great interview by +Christine DeGraff & myself. Feel free to leave live comments or questions…… Read More

Using YouTube to reply to Google+ Reshares (reminder)

If your G+ post includes a YouTube Video as a major component you can track the reshares of your G+ post and reply to many of them in one place… On YouTube. This is a repost from almost… Read More

Music Hangouts How To Tips from +Daria Musk and +RAM Rich

If you use or are considering using Hangouts on Air (HOA) for broadcasting & recording live music concerts and bringing in some live interaction, this is a post for you! The short text info presented by +Geek Beat… Read More

Join the Fireside Hangout Concert with +Daria Musk

If you've never seen or been part of a Hangout on Air with Daria you are really missing something! Well, here's your chance to not miss it anymore! We can all thank Daria for being a big reason… Read More

Sticky Defaults now for Scheduled HOA Event Apps – Yea!

Around October 30th, 2014 the Scheduled HOA Event had 2 apps that were on by default: The Showcase App and the Applause App. Now we can choose to change that default if we like… and it remembers! Many… Read More

Helpouts can't make you money for certain places now

If you use Helpouts, you can't charge a fee for your helpouts services soon to people in certain places. Here is a quote from an email I just got re. the upcoming changes (emphasis mine)… We want to… Read More

Pin a Post to the top of our 'posts' page on Google Plus

We've been able to pin posts to the top of our Google+ Communities for a while now, And Now… we can do that on our G+ Profile or G+ Page posts page. Thanks to +Michael Daniels who made… Read More