Keeping it Real… How Brands get Personal using Social Media

Please join us today for a live discussion on the topic of Brands (big or small or in-between) and Keeping it Real online via Social. Join +Mark Traphagen, +David Amerland and myself in the 30 min. broadcast via… Read More

Notifications Tray… stays put as you jump from post to post

New update after the top-most Notification Bell turned into a circle… we have yet another bell that is below the very top for Notifications. *Note: The Notification Tray has temporarily gone away; see for details.* The new… Read More

The Road to San Diego and Social Media Marketing World 2015

Come join me at #SMMW15 – I'd love to see you face to face in real life as we say. Visit for details. Some may know but here's a short version of the story…I used to travel… Read More

Google+ Mr. Jingles changes from a Bell to a Circle

Circles are part of Google+ in so many ways… so it makes sense that the notification 'bell' has now changed to be a circle. While in a post HOA Greenroom, eagle eye +Stephan Hovnanian noticed that the bell… Read More

Google Plus Reshare New format… some observations

Not too long ago +Stephan Hovnanian was pointing out that there was a new format for Google Plus Reshares. Now that it has been out for a bit I thought I'd point out an observation. I work with… Read More

Join us today for #TNTBootcamp with +Stephan Hovnanian!

Watch live and be part of the interactive comment stream… it is a great way to get more out of your HOA experience and meet others interested in similar topics. Looking forward to learning from Stephan today. Originally… Read More

HOA Alert… YouTube Scheduled Maintenance (again)

Thanks to +Krishna De for the alert.Seems like we have another scheduled maintenance time ahead of us where Starting/Stopping Hangouts on Air will not work. Down-Time: Monday, Dec. 15, 2015 – 7 – 9pm PST / 10 –… Read More

Great Wishlist for Google+ Improvements

Do you have any to add to the list? Thanks +Ray Hiltz for the wishlist, good stuff you are asking for. I concur with all of itI'd add my old request again… I'd like to see an Evergreen-type… Read More

If you like poking around with musical stuff check out this site that +

Originally shared by +Dave Corboy Why is it that some chords progressions sound much better to our ears than others? Why does every kind of music music from Beethoven to Jimi Hendrix employ familiar chord patterns? Harmony Explorer… Read More

More details re. the latest Hangouts Mobile app update

From the article: The predictive search and natural language recognition that power Google Now are coming to Google Hangouts… Another quote to allay any snooping fears:…everything is handled algorithmically, Fulay said. “Nobody is reading your conversations in hangouts… Read More