Happy New Year to you all!

May your Hangouts and other interactions in 2015 be profitable & fun! Onward to the Adventures that the new year brings. I've enjoyed hanging out with so many of you and I hope you have also enjoyed the… Read More

Happy New Year Easter egg for Hangout Message Box chats

Hello Hangout Fans! We have a fairly new easter egg to try out via the Hangout Sidebar message box area. When you are inside a Text Chat area of Hangouts (What I and others call a "Hangout Message… Read More

This was a fun little video that Google made for me

If you have used Auto Backup on Google+ then go visit g.co/YearInPhotos and see what you've got. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all. Lots of Colorado camping, the EAA Air Show in Oshkosh, SXSW in Austin interviewing… Read More

What is a Google+ Hangout on Air & Why is it Good for Business?

This is a great starting point for those not familiar with the power and use of Hangouts on Air and other Hangout Related tools. +Mike Allton writes up a useful article here on the basics of what Hangouts… Read More

Marketing in an Attention Based World – Your Story and How it is Seen

As usual, +David Amerland offers some deep thoughts we can learn from here… As clips or frames of a film are gathered together in our minds as telling a story, so are our messages we send out to… Read More

Lots to review from the past week via the Plus Your Business community

If you are not currently a member there, here are a few things that you may have missed. Go visit and ask to join http://goo.gl/QpLimS=== === #PlusYourBusiness Originally shared by +Plus Your Business! ‘Plus Your Business’ Community –… Read More

Auto-Enhance Videos via Google plus

The low rez preview is shown here, once you approve the changes the system goes about enhancing your uploaded resolution. Very new feature for videos you add to Auto-Backup.Some details in the reshared post below. Thanks for the… Read More

Fifty Four Friday Favorites… The Four Fs

For Fifty-Four Fridays, +Mick Sharpe has researched and scoured through many HOA shows and Thoughtful Posts to create his incredibly helpful summaries. This week's version is no exception. If you can find time during the weekend, this summary… Read More

Work from home or a small business not big enough for Holiday Parties?

Well why not have a party with others Virtually? We are having a Christmas/Holiday party Today for 2014 online and You Are Invited… This Hangout on Air tool made by our friends at Google+ is a great way… Read More

Hangout Foundations Launch Special

Special ends Monday, February 16th! We’re celebrating the launch of the Hangout Foundation training series with an astounding special discount just for you! Buy now and get an automatic $100 off the already-low price! For a limited time you get the full, 9-module, course for only $79! Take advantage of the offer now!