Caution for HOA Hosts regarding the HOA Permalink

Recently Google introduced the Hangout Link to Bookmark shown below. It makes sense for sharing it for Hangout Video Calls (HVC), but may cause you trouble if you share it for a Hangout on Air (HOA). If the… Read More

Good content to check out from the past week

PYB or Plus Your Business is a great community to watch and be a part of… This week's roundup of selected activity there is featured in this post.=== #PYBroundup #PlusYourBusiness Originally shared by +Plus Your Business! ‘Plus Your… Read More

Online Collaboration with Google's Various Products

This fantastic guide by +martin shervington outlines many possibilities for working with your team online using various tools offered to us by Google. The tools and products focused on here are Google+ & Gmail, Google+ Communities, Google Drive,… Read More

Bookmark a Hangout Video Call

When you choose the "Invite More" dialog within a Hangout Video Call you can now save the link for later. This means in essence you can "Bookmark your Hangout Video Call" and easily get the same group of… Read More

Interstellar Movie Release Hangout on Air – nice production

It appears that Google setup and ran this promotional Hangout on Air (HOA) broadcast using various aspects of what HOAs can offer. They must have used some high end cameras and video switching equipment for the main cast,… Read More

Utilize the Power of Google+ to enhance your Blogging Efforts

The article here by +Brian Honigman shows great ideas related to the power Google+ can add to your Blogging and Editorial Calendar efforts. Well worth the read, even if Google+ is not a big part of your marketing… Read More

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