Happy Thanksgiving Day 2014 – to Everyone!

I'm thankful for all of you I've met in so many ways via social media. Since I really love the personal connections I have made via Google Hangouts, I'm most thankful for them. I know that not everyone… Read More

please join me in wishing a fond farewell to +chee chew!

his leadership with making hangouts and hangouts on air the wonderful magical communications/relationship/trust building/work enhancing/no geographical boundaries tool it is, has been an inspiration to us all. we thank you for hangouts! if you have been enriched by… Read More

Hangout on Air Control Room App allows for non-host assistance

As usual when preparing a live training session for Hangout Mastery members, I learned something new about the tools we have. In this upcoming training session we're covering most of the ways you can Control the Broadcast Camera… Read More

Utilize the Power of YouTube & Hangouts

Join +Molly Youngblood Geiger +Zara Altair and myself this Wednesday just before Thanksgiving time for this live broadcast. YouTube and Google Hangouts on Air can do some pretty amazing things to help you Market your Business… Check out… Read More

What's ahead for YouTube… (from a creator perspective)

Good quick update from YouTube. A great person to follow named +Peggy K built a handy timestamped post http://goo.gl/kSBrGH – so I'm borrowing the info she wrote up here since it is difficult to just reshare what she… Read More

Starting Up a Hangout on Air via a link works like it used to again

For a short time, starting up a Hangout on Air (HOA) via a link was requiring us to use the Scheduled HOA Event format… now it has returned to its former status. Due to user feedback it appears,… Read More

Hangout Chat above the filmstrip – keep up without closing other apps

Recently we received a new twist on the internal chat called 'group chat' when inside the hangout filmstrip… it shows internal chat text above the thumbnail of the typist. This screenshot shows how it integrates with other apps…. Read More

Share Google Drive files inside Video Hangout Chat

This is a brand new addition to our productivity tool of choice… Hangout Video Calls. We can now easily share links to our Google Drive materials inside the Group Chat area of our Hangout Video Calls. Check out… Read More

Hangout group chat text shows above people's thumbnails now!

When you are inside a Hangout video call of any kind (HVC or HOA) you can now see the internal text chat above the video thumbnails in the filmstrip. This just showed up inside Hangout Video Calls. If… Read More

5 Reasons to attend Social Media Marketing World 2015

The video talks about 4 reasons to attend… I'm adding a 5th! I'll be speaking at the event in San Diego this March and would love to meet you face to face in real life! – that's reason… Read More