Good things happening on The Plus

This weekly wrap up will help you catch up on some amazing activity going on here on Google Plus. Great job as usual +Mick Sharpe​ and to all those mentioned in your post. Enjoy the weekend everyone and… Read More

Applause & Showcase Apps are now ON by DEFAULT!

When you create a Scheduled HOA Event via the Hangouts page on Google+ you will now have to manually turn off the Showcase and the Applause apps if you want people to engage with your show via comments!… Read More

Join us for Hangout Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Hope you can join us for a 30 min. Hangout discussion regarding how Entrepreneurs can best utilize Hangouts and Hangouts on Air We go live in about 20 minutes. Originally shared by +Ronnie Bincer Hangout Strategies for Entrepreneurs… Read More

Find comments from each person easily via +CircleCount magic

In case you've not noticed it … CircleCount has really been rolling out the updates lately to their Wonderful Chrome Extension. This latest update v2.4.2 allows you to highlight comments left by certain people/pages that you select in… Read More

Video for many is preferred… study shows improved conversions

You'll most likely want to keep the video content short in order to keep the attention of the viewers, but there are some interesting numbers here re. how video helps with website conversions. If you are using Hangouts… Read More

How to create a Custom URL for your YouTube Channel

Said another way, How to create a better looking URL for your YouTube channel This used to be part of the channel creation flow (or was more obvious)… nowadays with YouTube and Google plus connected, we see a… Read More

Welcome to All About Hangouts

Welcome to All About Hangouts.

See who comments on Events via updated +CircleCount function

If you use the Chrome Extension for CircleCount, you recently had an update that allowed you to see who the top commenters were on a post, but not for an Event. I asked them to consider making that… Read More

Google+ Poll Dimensions for multiple choice options with an image

For those who missed our Hangout on Air today about using Google Plus Polls here is the event link: . +Dustin W. Stout has kindly shared his helpful image template you'll want to use in that event… Read More

Google Plus Polls – HOA about the tool

Late night reshare as this one starts early in the morning.Hope you can join us live, but if not catch up on this one over the weekend. Originally shared by +Ronnie Bincer Google Plus has a new tool:… Read More