10 Tips on Crafting Google Plus Posts

This is an indepth guide covering 10 aspects to crafting a good Google Plus post, both technical and social aspects are covered.

Take the time to read through the 10 areas, and see if you use them all or just some of them. Let the author +Brian Jensen know your thoughts on the post's comments, or right here on this reshare of the article.

When you see the embedded posts on the website article, be sure to click the "read more" areas to take a look at how the entire post is formatted.

What aspects of the guide here do you think are most important, and what parts do you take issue with (if any)?
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Google Plus Posts: 10 Things You Should Know – Plus Your Business
There is much more to Google+ posts than may first meet the eye, and this will give you a fresh look at some of the details you may have missed.